Enterprise Mission: integrity-based on quality
Service Mission: Depending on the quality of life, as users of God, holding faith and mutual benefit and common prosperity, with social commitment.
Quality-oriented and service-oriented scientific and technological innovation pilot QIE

Service concept: QIE with superb craftsmanship and advanced technology has won many honors, Zhengzhou QIE company is depending on the quality of life, from the user for God. The user is our everything. We will always follow for each charge, for each product, responsible for quality policy for every user is responsible for, and dedication to customer service. Everything we do will be best for your sake. We are convinced that: a sincere dedication to your heart, too, will return in good faith!
QIE employees have established a good service concept: the user equipment failure timely maintenance time; to provide users with pre-project design, process design; user equipment purchase program development; high-quality products; patient and thoughtful user training; timely and effective fault maintenance and troubleshooting process on behalf of the user test problems。

(1)Device Model Selection
(2)According to the special requirements of customers, design and manufacture products
(3) Customer training and technical personnel。
(4) Company engineers and technicians free of charge to the user site for users planning site, design the best processes and programs

(1) Product acceptance
(2)Help clients develop construction scheme

(1)Free to assign a dedicated service personnel arrived at the scene to guide customer installation and commissioning
(2)Equipment installation
(3)On-site training of operators
(4)After the equipment is installed, leaving the 1-2 full-time technical staff to help customers free on-site production, up until the normal production
(5)In the course of any questions at any time to contact the manufacturer, if the phone can not be resolved, we will send a professional and technical personnel on-site service
(6)Accessories manufacturers for many years to provide services.