Multifunction Drink/Snacks Vending Machine

Multifunction Drink/Snacks Vending Machine
Multifunction Drink/snacks Vending Machine,Automatic Vending Machine withTouch Screen.Various kinds of vending machines solutions can be provided,creat your micro market with the free combination.Layers and slots can be customized according to your requirements.
Vending machines can be found in all types of places, from college campuses and grocery stores to airports, hotels and office buildings.

Product Features:

The product adopts double-layer hollow tempered glass, large warehouse without blocking goods, large capacity goods, without frequent replenishment, can customize the size of the goods channel, suitable for a variety of product sales, thicken galvanized steel body, can adjust the temperature, refrigerate products, remote control sales data, check the operation situation anytime and anywhere.


Product Parameters:

Product model: cy-x67
Overall dimensions: height 1930mm * front width 1250mm * thickness 800mm
Conventional freight way: six layers, each layer has nine freight ways, a total of 54 freight ways
Commodity stock: 270-300 units on sale; 500 units in storage
Rated power: 380W
Net weight of machine: About 350kg
Temperature control mode: cold storage / normal temperature
Saleable products: beverages, snacks, cigarettes, instant noodles, stewed products, daily necessities, etc. can be changed according to the size of goods

Application and After-Sales Service:

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